Zoom Removals Have Moving Options To Suit Every Budget And Situation

Zoom RemovalsRelocating a business is really exciting! New offices! Larger spaces! But, it’s stressful, too. All that packing. Wondering what to bring. Wondering what to discard. Will the files be moved safely? What about the computers? And, the bosses. Even before the new place was selected, they wondered whether the move would be managed successfully. All these concerns can be alleviated by finding an experienced, reliable moving company that also suits your budget and situation.

Zoom Removals

Zoom Removals knows that every move is special, came about for a unique reason, and requires certain needs and challenges. Such is why it offers solutions that accommodate every budget and every situation. It performs over 9000 moves every year. Every year! So, they really know how to move. And, it vows to have your new site effectively operating with minimal downtime.

A few examples of some of the establishment’s Zoom specializes in moving include:

• large and small business offices

• manufacturing facilities

• warehouses

• healthcare providers (hospitals, labs, surgical theaters, etc.)

• libraries

• food and drink establishment (bars, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.)

• fitness centers

• museums and galleries

Again, these are just a few examples.

Packing Services

Zoom provides professional packing services. Its professional carefully boxes all your possessions, during work hours, with as little work disturbance as possible. They can also work after hours and weekends, too.

Most people don’t know how to safely pack office items, large furniture, and specialty objects. So let Zoom professionals Home Removals Sydney do it for you. They know exactly how to expertly pack:

• documents and files

• Furniture and furnishings (conference room tables, boardroom tables, chairs, reception room sofas, lamps, art, etc.)

• Office technology (computers, printers, scanners, copiers, servers, etc.)

• Library (books, CDs, etc.)

• office kitchen

• art

• washroom items

Zoom also provides an unlimited amount of free boxes and cartons that contain these items, along with protective wraps and soft pads, all of which ensures that your furniture, equipment, and sensitive goods remain safe during the transition and arrive undamaged.

Tracking System

Zoom utilizes an established tracking system that marks, tracks, and monitors every box and carton, assuring a successful transition to the new site.

Cost Effective Services

Zoom suits every budget and is cost effective for every business. Zoom charges are time-based and billed in half-hour blocks and by the size of the fleet and number of movers. The following rates are charged on 1/2 hour and include Goods and Services Tax:

• 4-5 ton Removals Truck with two Removalists: $41

• 6-7 ton Removals Truck with two Removalists: $45

• 9-10 ton Removals Truck with two Removalists: $55

• 9-10 ton Removals Truck with three Removalists: $73

• 12-14 ton Removals Truck with two Removalists: $60

• 12-14 ton Removals truck with three Removalists: $78

• 12-14 ton Removals truck with four Removalists: $96

No matter when you move, after hours or weekends, the rates remain the same.

From the moment you first contact Zoom Removals to the moment, it delivers the last box, your experience will be top-notch and Office Removals Sydney professional.